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We Manufacture a wide range of products which include Multicolor fertilizer bags, NPK packaging bags, insecticide & pesticide packaging bags, soil application packaging bags, Agro-chemical packaging bags, and DAP packaging bags. These bags are manufactured using high grade raw materials and are commended for crucial features such as water resistance, excellent finish, and durability. Our range of bags is offered in different sizes and specifications as per the client’s requirements.


While the quality of products people purchase for their pets is important, the packaging protecting the contents inside is just as influential in purchasing decisions. Having the right pet food packaging manufacturer is essential to ensure that your pet food, treats, toys, and supplements stand out on the shelf and in the minds of consumers. Whether you’re looking for dog food packaging, dog treat packaging, horse food packaging, or a cat food packaging manufacturer, we’re here to help.
Dayana Polyplast is committed to striving toward creating a more sustainable future through improvements in our pet food packaging materials. We provide a range of sustainable packaging solutions that can be used to replace conventional pet food packaging laminates. Its primary focus is on sustainable and environmentally friendly pet food packaging solutions.
With the rise of premiumization in the pet food market, we offer high-quality packaging solutions to some of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world.


Cement Bags:

Cement Bags from Dayana Polyplast are made from the best virgin quality raw material. Specially designed for packaging cement, these bags come with a valve and automatic locking system. A hose can directly fill the cement or any other construction material and once the bag fills to its maximum capacity, the valve shuts automatically. These bags undergo strict quality control assessment so that they can withstand the vigorous wear and tear of the cement industry.
We at Dayana Polyplast offer the Cement and Construction Industry a complete packaging solution that’s incomparable.
We offer innovative and cost-effective packaging concepts with lightweight cement bags. These Laminated Polypropylene bags have a special prolonged shelf that results in better resistance to humid conditions, in turn, leading to the prolonged shelf life of the packed products. Our ranges of cement bags have high strength along with increased tear resistance. Hence, these bags survive rough handling situations with practically no broken bags during filling, conveying, loading and transportation.

Tile adhesive/Wall putty Bags:

We are a leading Manufacturer of two-layer tile adhesive packaging bags, Tile grout packaging pouch, POP packaging bags, Wall putty packaging, Limewash packaging, paint packaging laminated bags, white cement putty, acrylic wall putty, and multilayer laminated pp woven bags from Ahmedabad, India.
BOPP Tile Adhesive Bags are widely used for packing and storage of Tile Adhesive and allied products. These bags are used for excellent resistance to the packed product against dirt, moisture, and other impurities.


Food Grains, Pulses, and Sugar

Packaging and storage of food grains and sugar is a tough job. Both are hygroscopic and thermally active. Ideal conditions for these commodities should have adequate mechanical properties and should sustain the quality in long-term storage. Dayana Polyplast Consider the packaging needs of both International and Indian standards during manufacturing as per the requirement of clients. In India, BIS standards have been formulated for Plastic woven sacks for foodgrain (IS 14887:2000) and sugar (IS: 14968: 2001) Packaging. Various studies and field trials have been conducted both in food storage go-downs and laboratories to establish the suitability of PP Woven Sacks for long-term storage of food grains and sugar. The outcome of these studies and trials compared to other conventional materials of packaging can be summarized as under:
• PP Woven Sacks restrict moisture permeation and insect penetration
• Lower temperature during storage hence lesser insect germination
• Better insecticide persistency to reduce its application and cost
• Odour of the stored commodity is not altered
• Mechanical properties of PP Woven Sacks (tensile strength and stretchability) are superior

Dairy Products, Milk, and Milk Products

Dairy Industry is of crucial importance to India. Dairy products are a major source of cheap and nutritious food for millions of people in the world including India.
• Almost 20% of the total milk produced is being packed and handled by the Organized sector. Out of this 85% of milk is packed in flexible PE pouches. PE pouches are made of LDPE materials.
• Plastic pouches are an economical and durable packing medium for pasteurized milk.
• Other materials used for packaging milk are glass bottles, tetra packs, and plastic containers. Amongst these, Plastic containers are a better choice for packaging.
• Other dairy products for which plastics are used for packing are Curd, Butter ghee, and sweets.
New developments with plastics for the packaging of milk will help in a considerable increase in the shelf life of the milk even at room temperature.

Processed / Semi Processed Food / Bakery products

Invent of plastic flexible packaging has given a boost to processed food consumption all over the world. Plastics offer all the packaging needs of processed foods from barrier properties, microwave-ability, and shelf life to aesthetics.
• Plastic packaging offers better oxygen and moisture barrier properties, for example
• Food packed in PP thermoformed trays can be microwaved before consumption
• Shelf life of pickles, spices, cookies, bread, and many other products is enhanced considerably when packed in pouches made from plastics films
• The appearance of the pouches can be enhanced with modern printing and lamination techniques thus offering a better brand image which leads to more value addition, for example, BOPP for biscuit packaging, 3 layer PET/PE laminates for potato chips.

Ready-to-eat food

Retortable and ready-to-eat foods are being very common because of the present lifestyle. Both flexible and rigid plastics are used for the packing of these products. Microwave ability, better shelf life, hygiene, and aesthetics are the positive factors that are in favour of plastic packaging materials.

Nuts and Dry fruits

Dry fruits are often categorized as exotic food items. Its nutritive value and appeal are unmatched across the world. Whether for personal consumption or export purposes, dry fruit needs to be packaged perfectly to retain its freshness, texture, crispiness, flavor, and nutritional properties. Packaging, therefore, plays a crucial role in these kinds of products.

It must be packed in dry fruit packaging pouches that are moisture-proof and air-tight. Besides, it must be transported in ideal condition and should not be damaged in transit.

Flour items

Our product range includes a wide range of laminated floor packaging bags, flour packaging bags, wheat flour packaging bags, heavy-duty LDPE bags for wheat flour packing, printed flour packaging bags, and flour packaging laminated bags. Flour Packaging meets the packing needs of processed wheat grains. The packaging solutions are available with properties like leakproof finish and wear & tear resistance. The packaging is available in single and multicolor finish options and helps in keeping the flour free from dust and dampness. The packing is developed using the latest techniques and food-grade material, thus maintaining the flavor and freshness of the product in situations requiring long storage time. Further, the sturdiness of the packaging also provides in its large volume carrying capacity.


Detergent Bags

Dayana Polyplast is a leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of BOPP laminated multicolor detergent bags/sacks & soap powder bags. We provide high-definition printing to produce eye-catching graphics and superior quality bags to help your product and brand stand out on the shelf of supermarkets. BOPP Detergent Bags are widely used for packing and storage of detergent and allied products. These bags are used for excellent resistance to the packed product against dirt, moisture, and impurities and remain fangames till the packet is in use.

Charcoal Bags

BOPP Charcoal Bags are widely used for packing and storing charcoal and allied products. These bags are used for excellent resistance to the packed product against dirt, moisture, and other impurities. We make charcoal bags with anti-slippery properties and attractive and sustainable bags which are widely used in replacement of costly paper bags.

Mineral Bags

We are a prominent manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of BOPP laminated multicolor Mineral bags/sacks. BOPP Minerals Bags are widely used for the packing and storage of rice and allied products. These mineral bags are used for excellent resistance to the packed product against dirt, moisture, and other impurities.